Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Love Season : Winter sneak peak

7th December

“Let’s start the show!”

A very loud applause was all that I can hear from backstage. Kyla Miller, the designer was bending down to her knee with her hand on my thigh. I can feel her smoothing my black mini dress. “Stand still,” she tightens the knot of the leopard print knee length leather boot that I was wearing. Someone was holding my head as she spray lots of hair spray to my hair.

Hello, I’m hurting here.

Then I realize the applauses had gone, replace by a really loud music, beating in unison with my heartbeat. I can see the colorful lights making large neon spots on the black, glossy runway. Suddenly it hit me. I almost fell on my butt during the rehearsal earlier. Eeesh. Wait, they always took off the liner just before the real show. Phew! That’s a relief.

“I don’t know why I am so nervous,” said a voice into my left ear. I turned to look at her and smiled. “Babe, we’ve done this lots of time. Relax. They already took off the liner, in case you forgot.” She laughed, squeezing my shoulder from behind. Meet my best friend from my ‘other world’, Camille Deynes. She’s older than me, thought. We met three years ago, during my first runway show for Kyla Miller and she definitely stand out from the others with her beautiful red hair. “It’s natural, okay?” she said when asked about it. Plus, she’s really nice compared to the others. No drama, no fake boobs, no extremely crazy diet like them which is really really hard to find in the glamorous modeling world.

“Okay, Savvy. You’re next.”

Cameron released her hands from my shoulder. I nodded, took a deep breath and try to calm myself. Now that it’s my turn, the nervousness suddenly appeared from nowhere.

The white neon light was all that I can see when I walked down the runway. I know on both side of the long runway is where all the fashion lovers, journalists, critics, icons and celebrities were sitting in the front row, eyeing me (and my outfit, of course) from up and down. The camera flash was all over me. I try my best to ignore the lights and the fact that almost five hundred pairs of eyes were eyeing me.

Keep your face straight, flash a smile and turn.

Left, right, go!

Cameron was right after me, looking gorgeous in a black lace mini dress and leather platform. Right after I reached the backstage, Anne, the outfit assistant was yelling at me.

“Savvy, come on. Outfit change!”

World, I am Savannah Miller.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


I feel cheated.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Web sharing !

Feel free to visit all these web that I really enjoy reading and I hope you do too :)


This is where you can find the latest news on all the A-list celebs and what's happening in Hollywood. Ranging from Angelina Jolie to Miranda Kerr and from Brad Pitt to even Marilyn Manson.


The perfect web for the latest news on your favourite tweens and teens star. You can read about what is going on in Miley Cyrus' life and when is Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens latest date night !


Specially or the fashionista. Know what is in and what is out for the upcoming spring 2010 ! Also the home for all high end fashion model from Abbey Lee Kershaw, Lara Stone to Miranda Kerr.


Come on,let's get downloading ! This web is really good and worth to try. Plus, it's FREE !

Thursday, December 3, 2009

hey hey hey !

wah ! lame gler kowt tak post pape dkt blog nie. ngee. anyway, skrg da masuk bulan disember and tahun depan aku form 5 ! woohoo ! tapi tak best la sbb next year SPM :0 tapi, tahun depan last year sekolah. haha :D and aku dah pun start intensive class add math dgn math. lol. penat tau. da la kena bngn awal. pukul 9 da start kelas sampai la pukul 1. boleh bayangkan tak betapa seksanya aku dlm kelas tue. grr. tapi nasib baik tahun nie aku ade kawan yg kongsi penderitaan aku. haha. kawan2,korng tau diri korng sape.

besok shahfiq ade paper seni. good luck, sayang :)

P/S : aku da tulis 3 novel BI skrg nie. and aku akan post chapter by chapter (kalau aku rajin nak taip balik. haha) and and,kalau ade sape2 yg kenal dgn publisher mane2 please let me know. kalau aku ade post kat blog nie pun, hak cipta terpelihara. dilarang utk mencuri idea, meniru dan mengaku kau yg tulis benda tue. harap maklum :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunway Pyramid 15th November 2009

Pictures worth a thousand words :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The first thing I'm going to do ---

If I can design and sew by my own bare hands,
Drum roll please !
Design the graduation robe of SMKS 27 !
Hahahaha :D betul. Aku tak tipu. Kalaulah aku boleh design and jahit baju graduation skula tue memang aku buat ! Tapi sayangnye aku tak boleh. Ngee ;) sebab aku tak pandai jahit, pandai design je. Hehe. Kepada yg bakal graduate nnt, have fun wearing those u*** robe. Sorry :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Twilight saga?

Twilight,twilight,twilight. Can someone please tell me what is so interesting about this movie? Anyone? Please? I just don't get it why people are so 'mad' over them. Robert Pattinson is kinda cute, Taylor Lautner is overly muscled,yet he is just 17. Kristen Stewart is.. emmm.. kinda tomboy-ish. I don't know. Every gossip blog I read writes about them,every magazines are dying to have the cast as their cover. Some even cover the whole mag with their pictures ! Only ! I mean,hello. Yeah,fyi,I never ever watch the movie myself. You can blame me for that but for god's sake,do I look like I care? No and never. So to all the twilight saga fans out there or if you are reading this post, I'm sorry,I just despise them,that's all. No hard feelings. Not everyone like what other people like. So deal with it.

P/S : A good fan will stand up for their fav celeb even when they are caught doing DUI.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hello,Facebook :)

I just sign up for Facebook :)
Haha :D
Do add me,people !
Spread the word ! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Alkisah demam campak

You read the title right :)

Semuanya bermula dengan seorang budak berumur 2 tahun yg merupakan anak buah aku bernama Adam Ukasyah. Dia kena demam campak yg akhirnya berjangkit kepada 'pak cik kecik' dia,at the same time cousin aku yg lebih kurang sebaya dengan Adam kowt. Namenya Azim. Ntah,aku ramai sngt cousin. Every year mesti ade cousin baru. Haha :D Ok,so da dua orang kena demam campak. Cousin aku yg merupakan pak cik sebenar Adam pun terkena jangkitan demam campak. Satu family dorng kena except mak ngah aku. Hehe. Dekat pahang pulak,Azim punye siblings pun berjangkit jugak. Dah la time tue nak dekat raya. Sabtu sebelum raya,aku dengan family aku blk la pahang. First raya, adik aku,Iman pulak yg kena demam campak ! Argghh ! Kesian dia,first raya da kena. Tapi serious weyh, dia relaks gler.

Seminggu selepas tue,Iman bersansur pulih. Tapi tapi,adik aku yg paling kecik tue pulak yg kena ! Yes,Amin. Kesian Amin. Satu badan penuh dengan bintik2 merah. Time tue aku dah panic gler. Ye la,aku mane penah kena demam campak. Orang ckp demam campak nie kena sekali seumur hidup. So aku mesti kenanye la. Tup tup,dua hari lepas Amin kena, aku perasan ade bintik merah dkt peha aku. Arghhh ! Yea,memang betul. Aku dah dijangkiti demam campak. Uwaaaa ! Seksa tau tak? Then mak aku pun bwk la pegi klinik. Dapat seminggu MC. Hehe :) best memang la best,tapi bosan. Exam da nk dekat. Aku tak study pape lagi. Memang dugaan. Ish ish ish. Takpe,aku redha :DD Lepas tue, adik aku yg dekat asrama,Nadirah call mak aku. "Mama, kakngah pun kena demam campak." So,abah aku pun amek half day and pegi amek dia dekat sabak bernam.

Status sekarang : Amin da sihat, aku pun dah sihat. Cume tinggal parut bintik nie je. Dekat muka bnyk gler ! Aku sanggup buat ape je utk dptkn blk kulit muka aku yg dulu. Hehe :) Well, doakan aku dengan adik2 aku cepat sembuh :) And doakan parut nie boleh hilang :) Amin amin amin :)

P/S: to group presentation sejarah aku,sorry sebab aku tk dpt nk buat presentation dgn korng. sorry sngt. utk kwn2 aku (Wani,Sara,Sue,Wati) aku rindu korng ! utk my sayang (Shahfiq Zamani) i love you so much,sayang. by nk jumpe ayang :)

Lots of Love :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Listening to t.A.T.u

I'm totally in love with them ! t.A.T.u consists of Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova. Both of them are from Russia. Some people thought they are a lesbian couple but they are not, because Yulia (the black-haired one) already have a daughter and a son. Lena (the red-haired one) is so hot ! At least I think so. And that's all that matter. Try listening to All About Us, All The Things She Said, Friend Or Foe, White Robe, Snowfalls, Running Blind & 30 Minutes. Don't forget to watch the music videos too :)

P/S:aku da lame tau pasal dorng. and since computer aku asyik bertukar2 je, aku kena cari blk semua lagu aku. gahh. so aku ingt nk share dgn korng :) kalau tk suke diam2 je, ok?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mini reunion <3<3

Fun fun fun fun fun !

best gler la smlm :) dpt jumpe bdk2 teknik tue. kteorng bkak puasa sama2. dkt serambi je.
ngee :) boleh la tue,asalkan ade korng and aku dpt makan. haha. kterong berkumpul dkt serambi dlm pukul 6.30 mcm tue la. wani, nady, tyka and aku pakai baju kurung. chewah ! semua mcm perempuan melayu terakhir je. hehe :) sara pakai jubah mcm minah arab. sue pulak tetap dgn hawtt-ness dia.

order kteorng diambil oleh sorng abg waiter endon nie. haha. shahfiq pun terikut endon abg tue skali. aku order chicken chop, yg lain sume order nasi and kuew teow sume tue. aku je mat saleh kat situ mcm sara ckp. haha. tapi bler da time berbuka, chicken chop aku tak sampai lagi ! lame gler aku tunggu. bengang gler. org lain sume da abes makan baru la makanan aku sampai. grrr !
nasib baik la chicken chop tue tak liat tapi mcm hangit ckit la. haha :DD yg penting shahfiq tambah dua kali. hehe. sayang aku nie mmg bnyk makan :)

wani, tyka and sara tnggu aku abes makan sbb kteorng nk pg masjid. ala, solat maghrib je. haha.
ok la tue kan, buat yg wajib dulu. ngee :) lepas tue kterong blk serambi blk and nady pun da blk time tue. emm,gonna miss u babe <3>

i love you guys <3<3<3

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Selamat Berpuasa :)

22nd of August 2009. Hari Sabtu. First day puasa :) First day cuti :) and and birthday boboy.

ngeee :)

pagi td aku sahur dgn family. mcm biase. lepas sahur aku sempat tgk tv channel AXN citer nip/tuck. pastu aku naek masuk bilik solat subuh dan disebabkn aku tak boleh tido, aku pun bkak pc. ngee. sampai pukul 8 or 9 kowt. pastu aku masuk bilik, tido ! zzzzz.

adik aku yg baru blk dari asrama kejut aku pukul 11. dia cakap "kaklong, bangun ! mama nak pegi jalan." aku pun dgn kelam kabutnye bangun and terus mandi. kononnye nk pegi jalan. hehe.

tepat pukul 12 satu family kuar bwk amin sekali. ala,kterong pegi ioi dkt puchong tue je. adik aku nak cari baju raya. haha,excited nak raya nie. padahal aku da beli baju raya lagi awal drpd dia. haa,skrg sape yg excited? hehehe :D lepas je dia da beli baju raya, misi mencari kasut raya !

semua kedai kasut kteorng masuk. last2 masuk dkt satu kedai nie, VERN'S. aku terus jatuh cinta dgn kasut nie. dua2 kasut wedge. ala, takde la mahal sngt. ehe. adik aku beli kasut flat je. lepas mama da bayar utk kasut kteorng, aku dpt mesej dari shahfiq, dia cakap dia ondway pegi ioi. yeay yeay ! tapi kteorng tak sempat jumpe sebab time tue aku nak balik da. emm. kalau tak boleh dating dkt situ kejap. hehe. pape pun aku happy hari nie :)

p/s : amin tgh maen kereta remote control baru dia. hehe :) and shahfiq tgh shopping dkt ioi dgn family dia. ily <3

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another birthday celebration

The present. thanks mama :)

mama dgn amin. amin yg lebih2 tepuk tngn. tapi tak reti nak tiup lilin. hehe :)

The cake :)

It's the birthday girl :)

Thank youuu !

thank you so much utk bday party tadi :)

sayang korng sume <3b> yg ade skali tadi. aku takkan lupe bday nie ! hehe. sies weyh. aku takkan lupe. mcm2 jadi td kn korng? tp aku taknak ar cter kat sini, nanti jadi bahan nak kena sound lagi. ngee. takpun org cakap aku nie nak publisiti murahan je tulis pasal benda tue dkt blog. grrr.

Sayang, thanks sebab plan bday party tadi :)
best sangat sangat ! padan muke kena krim cake tue. hehehe :) and thanks sebab tak baling tepung kat by bnyk sngt. ngee :) hadiah yg ayg bagi tue best sngt ! thank youuu :) ily <3

Wani, Sara, Sue, Wati, Boy and Ayen, thanks sebab korng sanggup luangkan masa sambut bday aku td :) aku sayang korng sngt ! Wati, aku tau ape yg kau lalui tadi teruk and thanks sebab kau nak jgj lupakan pasal benda tue skjp. mwax. wani jahat ! ade ke dia pegi letak krim dkt dahi aku mcm org india? grr. siap kau wani ! sue hari nie jerit je. hehe :) sumpah aku sayang korng !

Petang nie sambut bday dgn family pulak :) yeay yeay !
I love youuuu :*

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's the birthday boy :)

sayang ! hati hati. nanti jatuh tak tau. hehe :)
ily :*
gmbr nie diambil smlm (18/8) time tue mak sara tgh cari org nak panjatkan pokok mangga. and shahfiq come to the rescue ! hehe :D
dia panjat atap, aku yg kat bawah nie risau je tgk dia. tapi nsb baik takde pape. dia siap boleh posing lagi. hehe.

Hari nie, 19th august 2009.
Mohd.Shahfiq Zamani turn 17 !
ngee :)

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to my sayang,
happy birthday to you :)

Mmmmuahx :*
may all your wish come true, sayang. I love youuu :)

Ouh yea ! hari nie pun kteorng da genap setahun 7 bulan :)
yeay ! alham :)
(p/s:semua ucapan manje dan sayang2 hanya utk kami berdua. hahaha :D ngade betul la kau nie jiha ! )


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baking With My Babes !

Sekarang nie,aku kat rumah sara :) dgn wani and wati. sue takde sebab dia tusyen. takpe,babe. kteorng ade something utk kau :) sebenarnye, kteorng plan nak buat cupcakes. utk my boyfie :) (p/s:i love you sayang :* ) bday dia besok and since aku tak sempat nak beli pape utk dia, aku pn buatkan dia cupcakes :) tapi tak tau la kalau dia suke ke tak. and yang paling penting, tak tau lagi jadi ke tak cupcake tue. ahh,nooo ! cupcake tue dalam oven skrg. hehe.

wani and wati buat spaghetti ! dorng sume tgh makan skrg bie. aku tak sbb aku puasa. ganti puasa la. gahh ! takpe,dorng ade simpan utk aku bukak puasa nanti :)
hahaha :D mak sarah cakap wati potong halia besar sangat. ngeee :)

jgn bagi tau shahfiq aku nak bagi dia cupcake. ngee :)
hope sangat cupcake tue jadi. Amin ! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

School day !

Yes,ala. biase la,skula ganti. hehe :)
kelas 4sc yg dtng 9 org je ! lelaki lngsg tak nmpk batang hidung. FYI:lelaki kelas 4sc ade 4 org je. haha :D da pupus. ngeee.
pagi tue ade ceramah motivasi ape ntah. aku pun tak tau. aku tak dengar sangat pun sebab aku dgr mp3. haha :D
then lepas rehat ade gotong royong. aku, wani, sarah, mira & yani same2 tolong kutip sampah. eek ! kteorng penuhkan plastik sampah hitam yg besar tue dgn daun kering je. haha :D time tue jgk la kteorng amik gmbr,konon2 posing mase tgh buat keje amal. sbnrnye utk folio sivik je. da penuh satu plastik tue kteorng lepak and posing depan surau. yup,depan surau. amek gmbr dgn sir ramu and cikgu suriati :) pastu aku, wani & sarah merayau satu skula. posing dkt carpark cikgu2 mcm org gler. haha :D pastu kteorng lepak dkt court futsal,amik gmbr lagi. kteorng panggil teacher izza and pose dgn dia pulak. hehe. overall,hari yg best and normal :)
P/S:gambar bnyk kat camera sarah. wait and see :)

check out Paramore's Ignorance music video. Hayley William rock my socks ! :DD

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

heyya :)

Hey everyone :) i'm away for good,though. so many thing happen in such a short time. and now it's time to let you know.

31st july.
school camp. hari tue friday,solat jumaat la (lelaki je) so aku balik rumah,makan, main dengan my little baby boy;amin naim :) and cepat2 lari naek atas,nak start2 packing barang. da habis packing barang,my boyfie call :) kteorg pun borak2 la,lame jugak rasenye. tak ingat. hehe. then, aku pun dengan selambenye sempat lagi bukak pc,nak surf internet kejap. al maklumla, kat sekulah mane ade internet. aku nie jenis yang tak boleh berjauhan dari internet. haha :D leka sangat main internet kat rumah sampai jam da pukul 2.50 ! aku lintang pukang lari masuk bilik air,mandi and siap2 sume. sarah da jnji nak amek aku dlm pukul 3.15 mcm tue. aku da siap2 sume, aku pun turun. aku tunggu punya tunggu akhirnya sarah datang jugak. and dia pakai baju kurung ! aku pun 'sarah,asal kau pakai baju kurung?' and dia pulak terkejut tengok aku pakai baju sukan. muke bengang je dowh sarah. dia call wani,tanye kena pakai baju ape sebenarnye. wani pun cakapla baju sukan. nak tak nak,sarah suruh ayah dia patah balik rumah dorng sebab dia nak tukar baju sukan. aku pun tunggu je la dalam kereta dengan ayah dia. (eh,takde pape terjadi ea ! ) bape minit lepas tue,sarah datang balik,kali nie dia pakai baju sukan. akhirnye kteorg sampai sekolah,daftar nama and rupenye org lain sume da berkumpul dekat dewan terbuka. aku dengan sarah dengan selambenye jalan masuk dewan tue,letak beg kteorg and duduk dengan wani and wati. abg fasi dia AMMAR ! senior kteorng yang sememangnye gler2. walaupun aku jumpe dia sekejap je. tapi hari tue dia pakai baju melayu siap dengan songkok lagi ! alham,dia dah berubah. haha :D

dalam pukul 5 macam tue,abg and kakak2 fasi yang lain datang. abg K best gler :) FYI,aku rase muka dia ade iras2 boyfie aku je. ya allah,sumpah. buat ape aku nak tipu. tapi tak tau la kalau time tue aku tengah rindu boyfie aku sampai aku nampak sume lelaki muka mcm dia. hehe :)
kteorng main game,etc. then abg K bahagikan kumpulan. aku same group dengan wani ! (actually aku tukar. hehe) yang kesiannye wati and sarah. masing2 dengan 'kawan baik' masing2 and kalau boleh 'dirapatkan' lagi. kesian dorng. tapi aku dengan wani tak boleh buat pape.

malam tue,kteorng main explorace. yes,malam2 dalam pukul 11 mcm tue. sampai pukul 1. best la jugak main explorace tue. setiap group dapat sebatang lilin, ala lilin yang panjang tue. and abg K ckp kalau api lilin tue terpadam kterong kena patah balik dekat checkpoint pertame. mcm tuut je. group aku punye lilin makin lame makin pendek. group lain tak pun. tuut lagi. grr. plus, ammar kacau group aku. dia datang kat kteorng and tiup lilin kterong then dia bla. mcm tue je ! wani memang bengang gler la dengan ammar lepas tue. hehe. tapi last2 kterong kalah. group kterong dapat pegi 3 checkpoint je. (sume sekali ade 6 checkpoint) group wati buat 4 and group sarah buat 2 kowt,tak silap aku la.

pukul 2. abg K cakap ade lagi satu game. and game tue sume kena tutup mata and abg2 and kakak2 fasi tue akan tinggalkan kteorng dekat padang sekulah yang besar tue. yup. takut gler. then abg K bagi tau kteorng satu password nie HANTU BUNGKUS. dia cakap kalau ade sape2 tarik tangan ke,cakap je HANTU. and kalau org tue cakap BUNGKUS maksudnye org tue dari golongon kteorng jugak la. kalau dia jawab selain daripada BUNGKUS,maksudnye...... faham2 je la. takut gler la. aku tak sempat cari kain nak tutup mata aku. so aku pun angkat tangan 'abg,saya takde kain nak tutup mata' sekali ade sorng abg fasi nie datang. boleh tahan la. hehe :) dia suruh aku gune sweater aku. dia pun amek sweater aku,lipat2 and ikatkan untuk aku. ngee ;) memang gelap gler la. da la time tue pukul 2. mata kena tutup lagi tue. ish ish ish. ade akak fasi nie tarik tangan budak depan aku nie. dia tarik tangan aku,aku tarik tangan wani and wani tarik tangan sape ntah. akak tue bawak kteorng pegi mane ntah. yang pasti aku tak nampak. then slow2 akak tue lepas kan tangan aku dengan wani. the akak fasi tue letak kan aku dekat satu tempat nie,sorng2. aku pun duduk, berzikir kuat gler. tue je yang aku boleh buat. rase mcm nk bukak je kain kat mata aku time tue. tapi aku takut kalau aku bukak nanti benda lain yang terjah aku dulu. arghhhh ! pastu ade la pulak yang tolak2 bahu aku,menyeringai macam nenek kebayan,bunyi orng berjalan,rasa nafas kat tlige aku. eee. takut gler ! aku duduk and berzikir je. sume doa aku bace sampai air liur aku habis. nak cakap pun susah. lame jugak game tue. last2,ade akak fasi nie tarik aku bawak aku pegi kantin. aku rase lantai kantin tue and kipas kat kantin terbukak time tue. lega gler. and game pun habis :)


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Result !

Haha. I'm suprise with my result. Really. So far,I got 92 for maths, 81 for history & 65 for- guess what PHYSIC ! That is the first time ever ! So of course I'm happy. Though it's only 65. But then again,I should take it slow. Baby steps first and who knows I'll get more marks after this? Even when I said I hate physic. I think it's in my blood. lol.

Signing out,
JihaJadore :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's official !

I hate physic. Hate hate hate hate ! Ugh. Today's paper was Agama,Modern Math & Physic. Seriously,I don't know what I did on my Physic paper. Whatever marks I get after this,I'll accept it with my open heart. lol.
Anyways,tomorrow's paper is a lot worst. Add Math,Biology & Chemistry. Hell,indeed.
Wish me good luck ! :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine !

Boring Sunday. Ugh. I got chemistry tuition at 10. Home tutor. One on one. So bored. Pray so that I won't sleep when I'm suppose to study. Especially monthly test is starting tomorrow. Yes,tomorrow. Another ugh. Anyways,I really really wanted to watch the new Harry Potter instalment. Yeah,I admit. I'm a Harry Potter geek. Not die-hard. Here's a trivia : I have all the books ! LOL. I need company to watch the movie. So,be one? :)


One Word : BORING !

Friday, July 17, 2009

Listen up. It's my turn.

Hey hey :)
This is my first ever blog in my entire life. Let's just hope this will be the first and the last. LOL. I'm still new with the blog world. Feel free to give any useful advice or help me in any certain way. Blah blah. Let's start with the introduction !

The name is Fatin Najihah bt Najmuddin. Call me Jiha. Only that 'kay? I was born on the 20th August 1993. Sweet 16 this year. I'm normal. Not a weirdo or a geek. Although I read lots and lots of books. That's what we called bookworm. I love fashion. I love to write. I love to design. I love to daydream. Hey,got any similarities? Tag ! I'm very ambitious. Blame my hormones. Mohd.Shahfiq bin Zamani is the man in my life. I love you :* Wani Sue Nady Tyka Sarah Wati Boboy Aleey Zuhair Pie Ayen Aqif are always there for me. I love you guys :)

I think that's all. I'm aware some of you may think my blog is as boring as hell. But I don't care. This is just who I am. I write what I want.
So listen up. It's my turn.