Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Twilight saga?

Twilight,twilight,twilight. Can someone please tell me what is so interesting about this movie? Anyone? Please? I just don't get it why people are so 'mad' over them. Robert Pattinson is kinda cute, Taylor Lautner is overly muscled,yet he is just 17. Kristen Stewart is.. emmm.. kinda tomboy-ish. I don't know. Every gossip blog I read writes about them,every magazines are dying to have the cast as their cover. Some even cover the whole mag with their pictures ! Only ! I mean,hello. Yeah,fyi,I never ever watch the movie myself. You can blame me for that but for god's sake,do I look like I care? No and never. So to all the twilight saga fans out there or if you are reading this post, I'm sorry,I just despise them,that's all. No hard feelings. Not everyone like what other people like. So deal with it.

P/S : A good fan will stand up for their fav celeb even when they are caught doing DUI.