Saturday, January 30, 2010

Damen Auguste & James Stark : I heart you !

I know no Edward Cullen,okay? i only know James Stark (from the House of Night series) and Damen Auguste (from the Immortals series) both of them are incredibly hawtt ! okay, so i fantasize their good looking looks in my head. duh? that's how i imagine things. The House of Night series are amazing ! I have all 6 of them. yeah, bookworm. and i can't wait for Burned ! Zoey is so lucky to be surrounded by 3 hotties. (huh,wish i was her) anyway, if you never read the book, go ahead and get yourself a copy. i can guarantee it won't be disappointing. instead, the whole story will imprinted in your heart ! that's what i feel. especially James Stark, the hunky red vampyre. *wink wink* who died once and live again. Praise to P.C & Kristin Cast ! The Immortal series are really really addictive. The first time i read it, i couldn't put it down. but i did,anyway. when i did, i couldn't stop thinking about Damen and Ever. Their love is immortal. after Evermore, the story line gets deeper and deeper and the tension and love and sacrifice are there,all mixed together making it so breath-taking. i can't wait to read Blue Moon. no,not New Moon. Eesh ! just got myself the copy today. yay ! something terrible and sad is happening and i can't wait for Shadowland to know how can Damen and Ever survive without touching each other when their hearts screams so. can you imagine loving your boyfriend so much more then your life but you cannot touch him because he could die if you do so? tragic, just tragic. Alyson Noel, you are truly amazing !
p/s : Damen and Stark, even i know you are just another two characters in a world of someone's imagination (and mine), i heart you both !

Saturday, January 2, 2010


besok sekolah. arghh !
tahun nie SPM. gahhh !
Welcome back to school fellas :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Here comes 2010 !

hey hey :)

just log in nk wish Happy New Year to everyone !
semoga tahun baru nie akan jadi lebih baik dari tahun lepas. amin amin :)
New Year resolutions?
1) jadi rajin.
2) belajar betul2 and at least dapatkan 8 A's from 10.
3) kurangkan tulis novel & bace novel sbb tahun nie aku amek SPM. gahh !
4) kurangkan sensitivity aku :)
5) be more friendly & talkative. or else i'll bore my friends to death ! (p/s : aku tahu aku membosankan :)
6) jangan lawan cakap mama, abah & cikgu. tak cepat naik angin dgn adik2 aku yg sentiassa annoying. hehe :D tak buat shahfiq kecewa dgn aku :)
7) kuruskan badan !
8) more self confidence :)

haha. whatev. aku akan try pastikan semua benda kat atas nie aku buat. insyaallah. amin :)
Have yourself a happy, good year !

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Love Season : Winter sneak peak

7th December

“Let’s start the show!”

A very loud applause was all that I can hear from backstage. Kyla Miller, the designer was bending down to her knee with her hand on my thigh. I can feel her smoothing my black mini dress. “Stand still,” she tightens the knot of the leopard print knee length leather boot that I was wearing. Someone was holding my head as she spray lots of hair spray to my hair.

Hello, I’m hurting here.

Then I realize the applauses had gone, replace by a really loud music, beating in unison with my heartbeat. I can see the colorful lights making large neon spots on the black, glossy runway. Suddenly it hit me. I almost fell on my butt during the rehearsal earlier. Eeesh. Wait, they always took off the liner just before the real show. Phew! That’s a relief.

“I don’t know why I am so nervous,” said a voice into my left ear. I turned to look at her and smiled. “Babe, we’ve done this lots of time. Relax. They already took off the liner, in case you forgot.” She laughed, squeezing my shoulder from behind. Meet my best friend from my ‘other world’, Camille Deynes. She’s older than me, thought. We met three years ago, during my first runway show for Kyla Miller and she definitely stand out from the others with her beautiful red hair. “It’s natural, okay?” she said when asked about it. Plus, she’s really nice compared to the others. No drama, no fake boobs, no extremely crazy diet like them which is really really hard to find in the glamorous modeling world.

“Okay, Savvy. You’re next.”

Cameron released her hands from my shoulder. I nodded, took a deep breath and try to calm myself. Now that it’s my turn, the nervousness suddenly appeared from nowhere.

The white neon light was all that I can see when I walked down the runway. I know on both side of the long runway is where all the fashion lovers, journalists, critics, icons and celebrities were sitting in the front row, eyeing me (and my outfit, of course) from up and down. The camera flash was all over me. I try my best to ignore the lights and the fact that almost five hundred pairs of eyes were eyeing me.

Keep your face straight, flash a smile and turn.

Left, right, go!

Cameron was right after me, looking gorgeous in a black lace mini dress and leather platform. Right after I reached the backstage, Anne, the outfit assistant was yelling at me.

“Savvy, come on. Outfit change!”

World, I am Savannah Miller.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


I feel cheated.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Web sharing !

Feel free to visit all these web that I really enjoy reading and I hope you do too :)


This is where you can find the latest news on all the A-list celebs and what's happening in Hollywood. Ranging from Angelina Jolie to Miranda Kerr and from Brad Pitt to even Marilyn Manson.


The perfect web for the latest news on your favourite tweens and teens star. You can read about what is going on in Miley Cyrus' life and when is Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens latest date night !


Specially or the fashionista. Know what is in and what is out for the upcoming spring 2010 ! Also the home for all high end fashion model from Abbey Lee Kershaw, Lara Stone to Miranda Kerr.


Come on,let's get downloading ! This web is really good and worth to try. Plus, it's FREE !

Thursday, December 3, 2009

hey hey hey !

wah ! lame gler kowt tak post pape dkt blog nie. ngee. anyway, skrg da masuk bulan disember and tahun depan aku form 5 ! woohoo ! tapi tak best la sbb next year SPM :0 tapi, tahun depan last year sekolah. haha :D and aku dah pun start intensive class add math dgn math. lol. penat tau. da la kena bngn awal. pukul 9 da start kelas sampai la pukul 1. boleh bayangkan tak betapa seksanya aku dlm kelas tue. grr. tapi nasib baik tahun nie aku ade kawan yg kongsi penderitaan aku. haha. kawan2,korng tau diri korng sape.

besok shahfiq ade paper seni. good luck, sayang :)

P/S : aku da tulis 3 novel BI skrg nie. and aku akan post chapter by chapter (kalau aku rajin nak taip balik. haha) and and,kalau ade sape2 yg kenal dgn publisher mane2 please let me know. kalau aku ade post kat blog nie pun, hak cipta terpelihara. dilarang utk mencuri idea, meniru dan mengaku kau yg tulis benda tue. harap maklum :)