Saturday, January 30, 2010

Damen Auguste & James Stark : I heart you !

I know no Edward Cullen,okay? i only know James Stark (from the House of Night series) and Damen Auguste (from the Immortals series) both of them are incredibly hawtt ! okay, so i fantasize their good looking looks in my head. duh? that's how i imagine things. The House of Night series are amazing ! I have all 6 of them. yeah, bookworm. and i can't wait for Burned ! Zoey is so lucky to be surrounded by 3 hotties. (huh,wish i was her) anyway, if you never read the book, go ahead and get yourself a copy. i can guarantee it won't be disappointing. instead, the whole story will imprinted in your heart ! that's what i feel. especially James Stark, the hunky red vampyre. *wink wink* who died once and live again. Praise to P.C & Kristin Cast ! The Immortal series are really really addictive. The first time i read it, i couldn't put it down. but i did,anyway. when i did, i couldn't stop thinking about Damen and Ever. Their love is immortal. after Evermore, the story line gets deeper and deeper and the tension and love and sacrifice are there,all mixed together making it so breath-taking. i can't wait to read Blue Moon. no,not New Moon. Eesh ! just got myself the copy today. yay ! something terrible and sad is happening and i can't wait for Shadowland to know how can Damen and Ever survive without touching each other when their hearts screams so. can you imagine loving your boyfriend so much more then your life but you cannot touch him because he could die if you do so? tragic, just tragic. Alyson Noel, you are truly amazing !
p/s : Damen and Stark, even i know you are just another two characters in a world of someone's imagination (and mine), i heart you both !

Saturday, January 2, 2010


besok sekolah. arghh !
tahun nie SPM. gahhh !
Welcome back to school fellas :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Here comes 2010 !

hey hey :)

just log in nk wish Happy New Year to everyone !
semoga tahun baru nie akan jadi lebih baik dari tahun lepas. amin amin :)
New Year resolutions?
1) jadi rajin.
2) belajar betul2 and at least dapatkan 8 A's from 10.
3) kurangkan tulis novel & bace novel sbb tahun nie aku amek SPM. gahh !
4) kurangkan sensitivity aku :)
5) be more friendly & talkative. or else i'll bore my friends to death ! (p/s : aku tahu aku membosankan :)
6) jangan lawan cakap mama, abah & cikgu. tak cepat naik angin dgn adik2 aku yg sentiassa annoying. hehe :D tak buat shahfiq kecewa dgn aku :)
7) kuruskan badan !
8) more self confidence :)

haha. whatev. aku akan try pastikan semua benda kat atas nie aku buat. insyaallah. amin :)
Have yourself a happy, good year !